English Language Classes

Paracha Education has been successfully started English Classes for those who want to learn and improve the English Language. Our first and basic motive behind this course is to develop the speaking power. From the first day of the class, we bound our student to speak English at least at coaching premises. Further, we go through from Basic English Grammar to Advance English Grammar also we focus on writing skills. Main areas of this course are Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. We want our student will be able to read, listen, write and speak effectively and fluently.

Begineers Classes

We think education is the right of all men and women at any age. We have designed the basic classes for those who are unable to read and write and are curious to be educated. We guaranteed if any person is curious and do work hard to learn will achieve the huge success. The main subjects through we start to teach are English, Urdu and Mathematics. Later we add more subjects according to the pace of the learner. Our aim is every student who starts from basic classes will at least pass the exams of SSC from Board of Secondary Education.

Computer Classes

The world has been changed and now it is going in the path of automation. Every work which performed mechanically and manually earlier has been automated and performed in a second or glimpse. Every job is functioning through different varieties of computer and mobile applications. We offer MS Office in depth, Graphic Designing, Web Designing and Development, Computer Accounting and Advance Excel. All of these courses have their own value in their particular area.

Coaching Classes

Academic sessions of school and colleges require more attention and time toward studies. It is necessary to have a teacher or supervisor who explains academic topics and help student to develop the effective notes of the chapter also arrange test for the related topics. Paracha Education Centre takes responsibility of all these matters related to the academic session. We provide coaching classes from Class 1 to B. Com.