About Us

Education is the basic element of the society that enables an individual to think intelligently and make decision justifiably as per suitable criteria of the circumstance. It is most essential to grow in the society and develop the environment. Paracha Education Centre is taking the small role for the sake of education. Our objective is to provide qualitative education. Qualitative education means to shrug off the traditional methods of teaching and utilize the modern techniques to convince and teach the student. Our mission is to groom and nourish the pupils so they can achieve their valuable grades as well as desired goals relating to the job and education. We are serving English Language Classes for the people who want to improve their language skills, Basic Classes for people who are unable to read and write and computer classes for those who want to advance their skills to operate different softwares. Also we serve our best coaching classes from 1st standard to Graduation. We are working practicably and we promised to expand this stream to education.